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Are You Ready To Take the Next Step In Your Healing?

I created this healing program to help you re-discover yourself.  In the midst of grief, we can lose our joy and vibrancy as well as our connection ourselves and our loved ones.  We can get stuck in the grief cycle and find ourselves experiencing anxiety, depression or PTSD.  This program is designed around your specific needs to address these challenges so that you can find peace again.

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The Elevated Coaching Curriculum


The step – by step healing program that will help you to feel fully alive and engaged with your life again, without feeling intrusive thoughts and the crushing feeling of grief. 

This program seven-session of ONE-ON-ONE Coaching, fully customized just for you.

in the Seven Sessions We will Cover:


We will focus on reconnecting with your values and what is important to you


We will work on noticing your energy level, what is draining it and what is giving you energy and how we can add more physical, emotional and spiritual energy.


We will focus on courage and how we can work through the emotional pain with courage as well as how to have courageous conversations with our loved ones and our doctors.

Self Care

We will then work on how we can best care for ourselves in ways that will help us heal in an effective way.


Connections are vital to healing. In this session we will work on how to connect with ourselves, our bodies, and with our partners.

ARe You Ready To Heal?

Self Love

After a miscarriage, we can spend a lot of time blaming our bodies as well as being angry with ourselves and our loved ones. This session we will work through that anger and will re-establish love and connection again.

Future Success

The last session we will review what you have learned, as well as how we can make sure that your healing continues so that you are set up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the calls?

I suggest meeting once a week or every other week in order to gain momentum through accountability.  

How long are the calls?

All sessions are one hour long 

How do we have the calls?

Calls are via Zoom or phone call (whichever method you feel most comfortable with)

Are You Ready To Take the Next Step In Your Healing?

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