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Elevated Coaching

You Can’t Control Your Pregnancy Loss, But You Can Control Your Healing 

Elevated Coaching

Take Control Of Your Healing

Do you feel like you are “stuck” in grief? Are you feeling empty after your miscarriage? Do you feel like you don’t trust your body and that you are angry at it? Do you feel like you don’t have control anymore? Maybe you and your partner are struggling because the pregnancy loss is consuming you?

rise Back Into Life

After experiencing six miscarriages, I made it my life’s mission to ensure that no other women went through this experience alone.  When I started writing about my experience and talking about it with other women, I realized the importance of your grief being witnessed in our healing process. 

After becoming a Life Coach, researching and taking classes about grief and using my own personal experience, I created a healing program to help women Rise Back Into Life. In this program we will find clarity in the internal and external obstacles that are getting in the way of your peace and how we can address these obstacles.You will learn different strategies to gain more control of your thought processes.You will discover different ways to connect with yourself and your emotions as well as connect with your partner.

Let’s take the silence and secrecy out of miscarriage and address it so that you can heal

Miscarriage Warriors Community

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A Safe Community For Women To Grieve and Heal Through Their Pregnancy Loss Journey

The first and only App dedicated to women experiencing miscarriages.

Hello,My Beautiful Friend,

My name is Shannoon Passalacqua. 

I a woman whose life was changed after experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss.  After experiencing six miscarriage, 5 early losses and 1 resulting in a D&C, I vowed to create a space where a woman could go and grieve in a safe space.  I never wanted a woman to feel alone in such a terrifying situation. 

I quit my teaching job, became a life coach and created the first and only App dedicated to women experiencing miscarriages, Miscarriage Warrior.  I have continued to support women on this app while also creating a coaching program, focused on healing after loss, Rise Back Into Life Healing Program. 

When not coaching or lending support to the women in my community, I love to relax with my husband and three children. 

Rise Back Into Life Coaching Program

One On One Coaching

This program is in a one to one setting and will really dive into your own personal struggles and how to rise up.  The sessions will address Clarity, Energy, Courage, Caring, Connection, Control, Consciousness, Congruence (are you living in alignment with your values?), Creative Expression (the importance of expressing ourselves and how it relates to grief), Contribution, Purpose and Celebration (re-train our brains to celebrate instead of living in fear)

Group Healing Programs

This program will start with learning about each other’s stories and struggles because community support and telling our stories is so important to our healing. The program then shifts to address the topics of Clarity, Energy (physical and emotional), Courage, Caring (caring for yourself), Connection, Control (how to gain more control of our lives and be at peace with what we can’t control), and Consciousness (how to be present and mindful of your thoughts). Through the weekly curriculum you will learn different ways to find peace and healing while also challenging yourself to reconnect with your vibrancy and rediscover your peace.

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