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Elevated Coaching

You Can’t Control Your Pregnancy Loss, But You Can Control Your Healing 

Elevated Coaching

Imagine How it would feel to find Peace & Vibrancy after a Miscarriage

Do You Feel Like You Are "stuck" in grief?

Are you feeling empty after yoor miscarriage?

Do you feel like you don't trust your body and are angry at it?

Do you feel like you don't have control anymore?

Maybe You and your partner are struggling because the pregnancy loss is consuming you?

It is time to take control of your healing!

Introducing Elevated Coaching

The step-by-step healing program that will help you to feel fully alive and engaged with your life again without feeling intrusive thoughts and the crushing feeling of grief. 

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Let me guess how Things Are going In Your Life Right Now?

Are Your experiencing intrusive thoughts?

Maybe you find yourself pulling away from friends and family?

Are you Experiencing brain fog or nightmares about your miscarriage?

My Name is
Shannon Passalacqua

…..and I can totally relate because that was exactly me 5 years ago. Just like you, I had intrusive thoughts and I was pulling away from friends, family, and my job.  I was going through the motions of my life, but I wasn’t fully engaged and didn’t feel a sense of connection to anything, including myself. 

I am a woman whose life was changed after experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss.  After experiencing six miscarriages, 5 early losses and 1 resulting in a D&C, I vowed to create a space where a woman could go and grieve in a safe space.  I never wanted a woman to feel alone in such a terrifying situation. 

quit my teaching job, became a life coach, and created the first and only App dedicated to women experiencing miscarriages, Miscarriage Warrior.  I have continued to support women on this app while also creating a coaching program, focused on healing after loss, the Rise Back Into Life Healing Program. 

What happens if you don't heal in an effective Way

Science shows that 25% of women who experience pregnancy loss will experience Anxiety, PTSD or Depression

Let’s take the silence and secrecy out of miscarriage and address it so that you can heal

Here is How I help Women Heal

miscarriage coaching


Elevated Coaching has created a curriculum that specifically addresses healing for women who have experienced grief, loss, and trauma after a miscarriage.

miscarriage community


Miscarriage Warriors is a safe, supportive community for you to grieve your miscarriage. Science has shown that when people feel supported in a community, they heal and work through their trauma in a faster, more effective way.

miscarriage support


Grieving and dealing with a miscarriage can be an intense, personal journey, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find help along the way. The benefit of having a support system in place is having people who understand your struggles, your emotions, and your pain. When we feel less alone, it becomes easier for us to heal.

miscarriage coaching passion


After experiencing six miscarriage, 5 early losses and 1 resulting in a D&C, I made it my life's mission to help woman heal after experiencing the trauma of a misscarriage. This. is my life's purpose and I am passionate about helping women heal.

Introducing The Miscarriage Warriors Community

A safe community for women to grieve and heal through pregnancy loss.  The Miscarriage Warriors app is the first and only App dedicated to women experiencing miscarriages and it is 100% FREE

miscarriage healing

What If I told You That You Could Find that Vibrancy?

Yes, you can now feel alive again without having to feel anger and resentment. Before you start exclaiming, “that’s impossible,” hear me out.

Through a combination of research, coaching experience, grief classes, and my own experiences with miscarriage I have discovered how women who are feeling stuck in their grief can now rise out of the pain and feel fulfillment again.

 It took me a couple of years of coaching and hundreds of ocf conversations with other women to refine the program, but I finally did it. The secret? I have combined the skills and methods of coaching with the science of healing from trauma and grief and used this information to create my healing programs.

 I can help you to feel fully alive and engaged again, just like how I’ve helped hundreds of others just like you.

Elevated Coaching ProgramS

Miscarriage Warriors Community

Miscarriage Warrior is a safe, supportive community for you to grieve your miscarriage. In the app you will receive love and compassion from women who have experienced similar losses as yours. You will learn tools on how to grieve effectively as well as how to heal and find peace again. Science has shown that when people feel supported in a community, they heal and work through their trauma in a faster, more effective way.

One On One Coaching

This Rise Back Into Life program is in a one to one setting and will really dive into your own personal struggles and how to rise up.  The sessions will address Clarity, Energy, Courage, Caring, Connection, Control, Consciousness, Congruence (are you living in alignment with your values?), Creative Expression (the importance of expressing ourselves and how it relates to grief), Contribution, Purpose and Celebration (re-train our brains to celebrate instead of living in fear)

Coming Out Of The Dark Community Coaching

Led by an experienced grief and miscarriage coach, the goal of this community is to provide a safe space to learn and practice the strategies, mindset, habits, and tools needed to heal. Join a healing program of like minded women who have experienced similar loss as you and accelerate your healing journey through expert coaching, mentorship, accountability, and community. This program will provide you the power of coaching, connection, community, all on a budget that fits your needs.

Rise Back Into Life Online Course

This online course is meant to be completed over a seven-week time frame. It is comprised of 7 classes teaching you how to reconnect with what is important to you, how to reconnect with your emotional as well as spiritual energy, how to find peace and trust in your body again, and how to connect with your partner. You will learn tools to help you with anxiety, as well as tools to help you find joy and love again. This program will give you the foundation to start your healing journey after such a difficult trauma.

What Women Are Saying About Elevated Coaching


“This program is absolutely amazing.  I went into it feeling skeptical but with each session, I felt like I was becoming more centered, present, and finding the inner joy that I had prior to my losses.  I am now in such a better headspace and my family and friends have noticed.  I recently became pregnant again and thanks to Shannon, I am having less anxiety and worrying less.  Whatever the outcome of this pregnancy, I know that I will be at peace and I will be okay. Thank you so much.” 

“This program has shown me that I am much more capable than I had given myself credit for.  I have also learned how dynamic grief is but that I now have the tools to process it and to start moving forward”- 

“There are not enough words to say ‘Thank you’. This coaching experience has been nothing short of profound and amazing.  Thanks for making such a difference in my life.” -

I lost my baby back in March and have been working through my grief with Shannon in the healing program through this app. 

During difficult moments I have been able to use some learned coping skills and my husband knows exactly how to comfort me! Both of these things were learned from the healing program.   I’m thankful to know that I can still grieve my baby and still find some joy in my life. I’m thankful for this app and for Shannon and I’m thankful that I’ve been willing to put in the hard work to heal! There is hope!"

“I am more in touch with what is important to me. You have taught me how to allow myself to process the grief” – 

    Miscarriage Warriors Community

    100% FREE!!!!

    A Safe Community For Women To Grieve and Heal Through Their Pregnancy Loss Journey

    The first and only App dedicated to women experiencing miscarriages.


    Why should I use a coach to help with my healing after a miscarriage?

    After a miscarriage, it is easy to get stuck in the grief cycle.  You may feel alone or like the emotions you are feeling aren’t “normal”.  As a coach, I can teach you the tools to help work through the grief cycle.  My healing program is based on science-backed approaches that will help you reconnect with your values, yourself, your partner as well as your peace.  Because I have experienced six losses myself, I understand the unique pain and grief a pregnancy loss can have on you and I am here to support you through that.

    Won’t this pain just go away in time?

    Possibly, but not probable.  25% of women who have experienced a miscarriage will experience PTSD, Anxiety, or Depression.  A miscarriage can make you feel very isolated and alone as well as stuck.  When we go through a trauma like a miscarriage, we can get “stuck” in the grief and not know how to move through that grief.  If we don’t grieve in an effective manner, it can show up later in our lives.

    Will I ever feel “normal” again?

    Yes and no.  Grief never disappears, you just learn how to hold hands with it.  The function of Healing is so that you feel at peace with the grief and so that it doesn’t start negatively affecting all aspects of your life.  Anxiety can arise again if you decide to try to get pregnant again.  We work on different ways recognize that anxiety and how to work through it. 

    My partner doesn’t seem very supportive and thinks I should just get over it. How can I talk to him about this?

    Our society does not like to talk about grief, especially miscarriages.  Most of us did not learn how to work through grief or how to help someone else who is experiencing grief.  Your partner may feel uncomfortable seeing you in so much pain and may not know the best way to support you.  Most people believe that a miscarriage is just an “event” that happens instead of a journey.  They think that a pregnancy loss only lasts for an hour, when in fact it can last weeks.  

    Are You Ready?

    I am here to help!  I want to make sure you get the love and support you deserve to accelerate your healing so you can get back to living a successful and vibrant life.  For A limited time I am offering a free mini coaching session for anyone interested in my programs.  Click the link below to book a 15 minute call with me so we can discuss your situation and create a game plan to accelerate your healing journey.